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Tell me you want to win, and I’ll show you how to do it.

From: Alan S. Samonte

Dear fellow gambler,

I feel your pain. You need to know I was once what you are now – a frustrated, losing gambler.

Remember those moments…

You walk out of the casino feeling very sad. It’s cold, and the air is cool and crisp. An episode like this is not new to you – This had happened to you many times before. The most recent event races to your mind. You lose big again. Losses… losses… always was, always is, and always will be. Why it has to be always losses? When will it end?

You walk over to the park – to be alone. The light is dim and the smell of smoke and dust fill the air. You thought you know how to win, but the outcomes proved otherwise. You remember the casino games you played: blackjack, baccarat, roulette, slots, craps, etc… they all seemed constructed against you. You had thought somehow that you would just be parted with your money, but you still play anyway. Your previous losses fail to teach you any lesson.

You slowly sit down on a bench, trying to make sense of everything. You see happy people passing by. No one notices you. Everyone is occupied, laughing… giggling… having fun.

But you want to cry. Just months ago, you have all the money to buy those luxury things you deserve. You remember the vacation you promised to your wife… the car you promised to your son.

You turn your head and gaze at the marvelous display of lights that is the casino. But the lights can’t cheer you. You know it is your money that keeps it glowing. You’ve made the casinos build more rooms and install expensive chandeliers; you’ve made their owners become richer and richer.

You are tired, tired, and good damn tired. You want to shout to the whole world and say: “I’ve got enough, I don’t want to be the sucker anymore!”

You pause and contemplate for a while. But nothing has changed, except that you’re getting worse all the more. You have maxed out your credit card… you have sold family properties… you have used company funds… Soon they will find out. You don’t want to lose your family…

You’ve tried quitting, but you just can’t. You have tried every idea possible; read gambling books, buy miracle system, buy lucky charms, but none had helped you a bit. You talk to others, but they can’t understand you like you are talking a different language.

You feel a lump forming in your throat. You feel you are disintegrating… slowly going apart…

You take a deep breath. You love to gamble. You love the excitement it brings. You have tried other things but none can make you really pleased. But why do you have to suffer pain? Can a person just gamble and gamble, and savor all the thrills, without having to feel pain?

You notice that your breathing is deeper. Something at the back of your mind is telling you that you can be the casinos’ winner, but you just don’t know how. You know that someone far away understands your situation and has the answer to your problem…

Cheers my friend, your woes will soon be a thing of the past!

My name is Alan S. Samonte, an unknown guy living in Pagadian City, Philippines, an unknown place. What’s more, I’m just an ordinary man. But hold on, and be amazed by my claim, perhaps the most incredible claim you’d ever hear in your lifetime…

“I know the only correct methodical play that will make you win consistently at the casinos even in extended playing – without having to cheat or rely on luck!”

Is this claim pure fantasy or based on logical interpretation of gambling events?

If you are skeptical, I completely understand. I know you can’t help but think it’s a scam. I assure you it is not. Join me and I’ll show you how I cracked the code.

Here’s my story…

More than three decades ago, I ventured on a research project no man before me has ever tried – find a system play that I could use to defeat the casinos without having to cheat. It became almost an obsession … an awful sacrifice. Imagine the pain I went through spending time in solitude – dealing cards… shooting dice… recording the results… experimenting with systems… observing other gamblers… My family thought they were losing me. The ambitious, learned person that I was to them had lost a direction in life. But I did not mind it all. And to make the story short…

Did I find what I searched for? I did.

And to ensure that all gamblers will have an access to this winning formula, I wrote “The Samonte System: Finally, a gambling system that works.” This e-book contains everything you need to know to be the casinos winning gambler. One thing is for sure – I don’t want to see another gambler fall into financial ruin.3coverold

What exactly is the Samonte System?

To erase your doubts, I’ll take a minute to explain what it is, why it is effective, and how it delivers the claim – make you a consistent winner in extended playing.

But before that, there is one fundamental gambling truth that I want you to remember – really remember – because this truth is the foundation of the System… and that is:

There is a phenomenon (mystery) that occurs sporadically but recurrently in any gambling event.

Just what is this phenomenon I am talking about? To give you a clear view, let me first ask you this: When were the times you lose big in your gambling?

At this point I want you to travel back in time… and remember exactly what happened during those times when you lost big in your gambling. What happened then?

You were playing your favorite game then when things turned from bad to worse. Losses after losses befell on you… a very long sequence of losses. Wherever you put your bet, it would always lose, like there was an invisible hand that switched the cards to make you lose always. And even when you had a winning hand at the start, somehow the circumstance would make you lose – like you were cheated. You did everything to avert your losses: you changed game… changed table… changed your betting style… did everything, but it was like bad luck tailed you wherever you went.

Your losses amazed you – it seemed impossible – like you were robbed at gunpoint. While the math experts were saying that the casino’s edge on the game is only 1%, yet the casino acted like it had a 99% advantage. The math simply went all mixed up. You could not understand. This, my friend, is a phenomenon.

And I want you to remember exactly too, those moments when you won big in your gambling. What happened then?

Again, you were playing your favorite game when things turned from good to best. Win after win after win, the cards went… a very long sequence of winnings. Wherever you put your bet, it would always win, like there was someone guiding your hand. And even when you have a losing hand at the start, somehow it could find a way to win. It seemed all the cosmic forces in the universe were behind you.

You were amazed at your winnings – it seemed impossible – like the casino voluntarily gave their money to you. While the math experts were saying you have a 1% mathematical disadvantage in the game, yet your win was like you had 99% advantage. The math simply went upside down. You could not understand. This too, my friend, is a phenomenon.

And hey, this phenomenon is very, very, real. In fact, this phenomenon occurs with mathematical certainty so that you can be sure it will happen again and again as the sun rises in the morning!

Imagine this phenomenon to be like the tides in the ocean, where it would soon rise up, and then would eventually recede again. In the rising tide, all your bets would win, like you have entered a mysterious time zone. It is like that the casino’s famed mathematical edge takes an exodus, leaving behind the casino in the cold, and comes to embrace you with all its fanfare and glory.

And the same is true with the receding tides – where you would lose all your bets, and no matter what you do too, you also can’t win. It is like the casino suddenly possesses an extraordinary power to fleece you way beyond its allowable mathematical edge.

And although the tides in gambling are not as predictable as the tides in the ocean, yet it teaches us the universal truth; that every gambler will have a high and low tide in his gambling!

The good news is I have this phenomenon all figured out. I have followed its path… its every twists and turns… its weaknesses and strengths… its tantrums and caprices… its everything!

And I developed the Samonte System – the methodical hit and run approach in stalking the phenomenon’s sporadic but recurring occurrences. In step by step, the System will show you with mathematical precision how to exploit this phenomenon.

So now you get the idea!


Does the System work? It does!

It works for me, and it will work for you too. If you follow the System wholeheartedly, it will make you win more than you lose – steadily… surely… and forever.

This powerful gambling book is packed with ingenious and proven winning secrets. From the book you will:

Discover the only correct methodical winning play ever devised. You can now reclaim your freedom and regain the trust of your loved ones.

Discover the indicators that remind you with time-honored precision which tide you are heading for. Never again will you be confused whether to call it a night or to get the big bets out.

Discover the set of disciplinary rules winning gamblers adopt. You will now dictate the pace of your gambling instead of the casinos dictating you.

Discover the true winning mindset, and how you can replace your losing mindset with it. You will now play with a predator’s instinct, instead of the lambs’.

Discover the playing approach of a band of “below the radar” gamblers, why they win from casinos around the world without having to cheat, and how you can be one of them.

Discover where the very math experts and gambling gurus you’ve listened to have gone wrong, and why you’ll end up in the poor house if you follow them.

Discover the combat technique taught by a bygone Chinese general that can send the casino’s edge into shamble, and how you can use the technique yourself.

Discover gambling’s 9 fatal mistakes even experts perpetually commit, how these mistakes will cost you fortunes, and how you can avoid them.

In doubt?

Take a glimpse! The Chapter 7 of the e-book “The Nine Mistakes Gamblers Make” is yours for a free read.


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Still in doubt?

Here’s a move that will blow you away… a move only a very, very decisive author would make!


Okay – So what’s the price of this effective winning system?

So now you see that this System is the only way you can win at the casinos consistently in extended playing. It not only spares you of frustrations but most importantly it will erase your fears of what becomes of your gambling.

So how much would you like to pay to get this workable System?

For an unbelievably simple yet incredibly effective strategy that will save you from financial ruin and make you regain the trust of your loved ones, you would not mind paying 1,000 dollars, do you?

Well, don’t worry. Even though it’s clear that this System is immeasurable in value, I’m not going to pop you for a thousand dollars, or even for a hundred.

At 17.45 US Dollars, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a crazy bargain.

So there you have it – you couldn’t ask for a better deal. The price is a steal you will not have an excuse not to get it.

The only correct winning play ever known – for only $17.45?

Why so low?

Well, it’s really quite simple. Since you can grab this on the Internet I don’t have to pay for paper, printers, shipping or handling… and neither do you.

And to be honest…

I don’t want to keep your money if you are not 100% satisfied. That is why I’ve removed all the risk by giving you a…


This is the best guarantee you’ll ever see. I’m so confident that you’ll find this e-book very useful that I’m offering you 100% money-back guarantee. In other words, you have my unconditional satisfaction guarantee – FOR A FULL TWO MONTHS!


Why am I making this crazy offer?

… because I want to save you from eventual ruin. I want to empower you with the right strategy so you will be able to fight back against greedy casinos. So even if you chose to get your money back, I would still be happy knowing that I had let you known the only correct winning play ever. If this is a scam, then common, you scam me!

and here’s more…

Just to make sure you will be completely blown away, I’d like to offer you this powerful bonus – for absolutely free – if you order today…


So what are you waiting for?

I did my part to reach you, now do yours. Hit the order button below to get the e-book now. You may pay with major credit cards or with PayPal. After your payment is confirmed, you will get access to the page where you can download the e-book.

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Kind regards,

Alan S. Samonte

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Note: You may also pay through Western Union. I will give you the download link the moment I receive the tracking code. Please understand that the “100% Money Back Guarantee” does not apply in this payment mode. Contact me here first.

This e-book is not intended to encourage people to gamble, but to educate responsible adult in their chosen pastime. Since its publication, I committed myself to helping other gamblers. If you think you have a gambling problem I can refer you to the right group of people that can be of help to you. Here’s the links: Gamblers Anonymous | Council on Problem Gambling | Center for Responsible Gaming | Get help, it’s never too late. If you have a question you can contact me here. I am more than willing to help you.

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