Who is Alan Samonte and why should casino gamblers listen to him?

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Alan S. Samonte
186-A Pulmones St., Kawit District,
Pagadian City, Philippines 7016
Mobile: 0946 5795 350
Email: zalanzamonte@yahoo.com

Hi, my name is Alan S. Samonte, the creator of Samonte System.

I live with my family in Pagadian City, a mountainous beautiful city in Mindanao, Philippines, 2000 miles south of Manila. Philippines is a group of island nation located in east Asia.

I have three daughters, Kristelle 18, Ciree 6, and Aubrey 5. (Recently we’re joined by my first grandson Resres. ) I used to teach at Southern Mindanao Colleges, a local college. I taught business subjects then. I now work for the local government of Pagadian City. My work includes designing programs dealing with the city’s informal settlers. My office identifies these informal settlers and provides them relocation sites.

In the casinos, I am tough, perhaps the toughest gambler in the world. In the pages of my book, you will just know why.

I began my casino adventures as a Blackjack card counter, but after finding card counting as “no longer what it is used to be” I discarded the method to develop a system for my own. It took me almost 20 years to finally find what works, not because it was complex, but because I had to try everything manually. I had dealt (or shoot dice, or spin wheel, etc…) practically hundreds of thousands of hands, and it was a time killer.

It was an incredible fun using the System until the Philippine casinos restructured the rules on me. A while later I decided to write a book about it, and to devote my time helping other gamblers.

You should not go to a casino without having read the book first. Trust me. Warriors who go to war unprepared lose the battle. The same is true in gambling.

Thank you for dropping by.


Me with my two playful gems… Ciree and Aubrey.



The mountains of Pagadian make me feel I’m on top.


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